About our sheep

These sheep are naturally hornless, have ‘teddy bear’ faces and calm natures. They also look like they are ‘smiling’ which makes them even more adorable. Along with their calm natures, they also have a good flocking instinct, which means they are always sold in pairs unless they are going to an existing flock.

Not only are the rams not aggressive, they are positively friendly and have the major benefit of not challenging hedges and fences.



Babydoll  Southdown sheep have fabulous crimpy wool which can have a fibre thickness of about 18 to 20 microns, which puts it in the class of cashmere.

They make great companions for other livestock, such as alpacas, goats, cattle and horses. They do not damage shrubs or trees and because of their height have been used to graze orchards and vineyards, which make them a great organic option. They make great pets and because of their friendly nature and height which is ‘child friendly’ they have been used for special needs schools and therapy programmes. The breed standards state they should be 24 inches or less at the shoulder and to maintain this standard, animals shorter than 18 inches are discouraged.


Caring For: 

Taking care of Babydoll’s is similar to other sheep, although their size makes them much easier to handle. They require foot trimming, worming, dagging around their back ends, vaccinations and yearly shearing. The ewes make excellent mothers; they are attentive and loving, birth easily and often have twins or triplets.