Sheep Related Links

1nabssarlogoframeNorth American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association (US)

Olde English Babydoll Registry (US)

Rare Breed Survival Trust

The Southdown Sheep Society

Allen & Page  – Lamb Starter &  Sheep Mix Feed

Allen & Page –  Organic   Ewe & Lamb Mix  Feed

Burlybed  – Miscanthus sheep bedding. Use Cow or Horse mats as a base ,lightly sprinkle Biome H90 over the matts then put bedding on top.

Geoff –  Aluminium 7-rail  (not listed) please ask for Sheep Hurdles  (light weight, very portable).

Molevalley Farmers – IAE 7 Rail Interlocking sheep Hurdles. IAE Standard Double Sided Sheep Hayrack 4 or 8ft on wheels.

Jakoti Hand Shears & Stainless surgical scissors, curved blades, blunt tips.

BioLime H90 – Essential when you have livestock.

NADIS – National Animal Disease Information Service – register.

SCOPS – Essential Information.

Sterimatic JAB-BOX – Excellent starter kit. You will need to get 21- 1/2 & 18 -1/2 gauge needles.

Zolvix Drench Gun – We would highly recommend this product. Use the small nozzle for both lambs, ewes & rams. Look around for prices.