Our alpacas

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur 5 gelded male alpacas are called Reuben, Alex, Archie, Marley and Bilberry. They make great lawn mowers without ruining the pasture because they are soft footed.

Although they are not aggressive towards humans they will attack foxes and dogs who they perceive as being a threat to the herd, hence they will protect the ewes with their lambs that are grazed with them. The ewes seem to know this instinctively and stay close to the alpaca herd. It is not unusual to find one of our alpacas lying down surrounded by sheep and geese, which also graze with them during the day.

We sell the alpacas’ fleeces after shearing, which is usually in May of each year and have a variety of colours available. They are ideal for spinning, weaving and felting and are perfect for blending with the ‘Babydoll’ fleeces.